Slowmov is a coffee bar located in Barcelona, which only works with speciality coffee. They contribute with a quality alternative that respect the environment and give value to the slow process.

We were comissioned to design a compostable packaging.

Client: Slowmov

Year: 2018

To achieve closing the cycle and enter into the circular economy, we choose to use their largest waste: the coffee waste. We made coffee ink with Coyote Atelier and we printed all the bags with this ink.

The result was the serigraphy of the illustrations made by Naymon Moore in the front of the bag, and in the back all the information needed.

Furthermore, as they commercialize with many different coffee, we designed a label to be applied in the bag with all the attributes of each coffee.

We tried to make the bag the more eco-friendly as possible, so we choose a label made from recycled paper and glue without solvents.

This bag will decompose after 180 days of being in contact with bacteria.

Photography: Mireia Quincoces

Video: Coyote Atelier

Serigraphy: Coyote Atelier

Ilustration: Naymon Moore