Slowmov is a specialty coffee roaster, located in a tasting cafeteria in Gràcia, Barcelona. In all their slow processes, they work with commitment and respect for the environment.

We were commissioned to design a 100% compostable packaging.

Client: Slowmov

Year: 2018

To achieve closing the cycle and enter into the circular economy, we choose to use their largest waste: the coffee waste. We made coffee ink with Coyote Atelier and we printed all the bags with this ink.

The result was a printout of Naymon Moore‘s illustrations on the front, and the information on the back. Although each print bag has a new illustration, the printing plate remains the same.

Furthermore, we wanted the label to be as sustainable as possible, so we proposed making them self-printing – just the right amount, avoiding waste – and using recycled paper and solvent-free adhesive glue.

Even though the packaging is compostable, when they generate disposable waste, they opted for bulk sales. So we adapted the labels to all kinds of packaging, made of G.F.Smith Extract Paper – which is made from waste from take away cups in England-, thus promoting the reuse of packaging. The elastic band that holds it can also be reused in many ways.

After 2021 success, Slowmov’s production grew, facing industrial productions, for which screen printing was no longer useful. We opted for “Home Compost” certified bags made of PLA, which are very durable and ideal because the consumer can refill them every time they buy coffee. The bags are printed in two soy-based inks.

The idea of ​​the design is that as coffee comes from different parts of the world, give importance to its origin, small producers and the way it is produced, so through the bag we showed the image of the world. The sticker label on the quality of the coffee is still self-printing, although this time it is in a round format and with an arrow marking the place of origin of the coffee.

As a committed to the environment company, they wanted to integrate into the map of the world in the bag the 5 islands of garbage floating in the oceans, thus generating a reflection on all that are causing single-use packs on our planet.

Photography: Anna Rigau, Mireia Quincoces & Marina Roca
Video: Coyote Atelier
Serigraphy: Coyote Atelier
Illustration: Naymon Moore