Del Montseny

“Del Montseny” is an artisanal, natural and ecologic cosmetic brand made from collected plants, in the flower season, in Montseny. We were in charge of the brand creation, including visual identity, packaging, art direction and website.

Client: Del Montseny

Year: 2018

Our logotype is created by a fixed base “Del Montseny”. The volatile part is the name of the product, which will be always written by hand.

For the packaging we have chosen materials which are easy to recycle and reuse: glass and aluminium. We wanted to apply the refill concept, to allow the client to give back the packaging to be reused and commercially available again. That’s the reason why we are not using glue, to facilitate the cleaning and material preservation.

In order to make the packaging production more economic and don’t make the products increase their price, we use a kind of label whose die-cut was adaptable for all the product sizes of “Del Montseny”.

To get inside of circular economy, we decide to use the waste generated in the manufacture process. We use the dried plants to protect the product during the shippings.

The label shape allows us to introduce a little piece of the plant used in each product, so the client is able to see of which plant is the product made from.

The shooting we made with Mònica Bedmar was focused on transmit the brand’s core: ecologic, natural and proximity. As the company have been created thank to friends and family, we wanted this people to appear in the images.

For the website, we wanted to transmit the naturalness of the brand, showing the manufacturing process and making a visual shop online. We created a Manifesto where we explain that, not only the process of manufacturing is natural, the brand itself is trying to fight for a better world, environmentally friendly.

For the showrooms, our idea was that the product and nature were connected, that’s why we concept an environment where nature and lotion were united. We build ceramic pots to put the plants inside and at the same time show the products.