Del Montseny

“Del Montseny” is an artisanal, natural and ecologic cosmetic brand made from collected plants, in the flower season, in Montseny. We were in charge of the brand creation, including visual identity, packaging, art direction and website.

Client: Del Montseny

Year: 2018

Our logotype is created by a fixed base “Del Montseny”.
The volatile part is the name of the product,
which will be always written by hand.

Since 2018 we have carried the general image of the brand, evolving it day by day and improving all designs year after year.

For the packaging we have chosen materials which are easy to recycle and reuse: glass and aluminium. We wanted to apply the refill concept, to allow the client to give back the packaging to be reused and commercially available again. That’s the reason why we are not using glue, to facilitate the cleaning and material preservation.

The labels on the glass jars are a single die to economize (minimize the environmental impact we generate, as well as making it more economical).

The shape of the label allows us to insert into the pack the plant or dried flower used in each product, thus allowing the customer to quickly see which plant is associated with each product and get an idea of ​​the aroma it will have the cream.

Following the criteria of circular design and looking for a way to protect the packs during shipping, we decided to take advantage of all the waste generated during the creation process. At the time of maceration, when removing the flower from the stem, the remaining stumps are cut to be used as protection for the containers during shipping. Being aromatic plants, when opening the product box we create the feeling of being in nature, more specifically, of being in the forests of Montseny.

For the different kits/routines they offer kits wrapped in the Japanese furoshiki technique made of recovered fabrics. Of those scraps of textile that you want to throw away, we have dyed them with the remains of plants that you can find in each kit and others dyed with remnants such as coffee grounds, turmeric…

The products are placed on top of notebooks with wooden covers recovered from the rest of other projects to give them a second life.

In the format of the binding, we take the opportunity to make the labels that go with the wrapping to take advantage of the paper and generate the minimum loss.

As for the website, we also wanted to convey the craftsmanship and naturalness of the project, thus showing the entire production process of the creams and making a very visual online store to facilitate the purchase process. We create a manifesto where we explain that, not only is the production process natural, but the whole brand is committed to the environment and fights for a better world.