Kokorome catalogue

Kokorome is a fashion company. They design and produce ecologic and artisanal products.

Client: Kokorome
Year: 2018
Awards: LAUS Bronce 2019 – Catalogue

Product catalogue designed with the goal of being timeless. Their inspiration is nature and the mountain. We wanted to create a history to explain her essence. This way, the catalogue explains both, their history and their product.

We wanted to reduce residues and cut costs so we designed a timeless catalogue through the die-cut technique. In this way, we can change the product photographies each season.

The paper used for the images print, which will be changing each season, is stone paper. We chose this material also to print the posters, which cover the catalogue and are used as a protection.We use this material also due to the brand connection with the mountain.
The catalogue is printed digitally and with recycled paper with certifications. To differentiate sections we used color paper, in this way we sabe up printing plates and ink surface.
We made artisanal and traditional binding. The catalogue measures were chosen thinking on not generate waste paper.

Art direction based in the purity and neutrality of the brand. We were looking for simplicity and showing that their materials and processes are sustainable and respectful with the environment. We use screen-painting to paint the model bodies with their patterns.

Creative direction: Núria Vila, Anna Rigau, Berta Diumaró
Print: vanguardgrafic