True Hot Stories

Conceptualization, design and direction of the graphics for 2015 BLANC festival of graphic design in Catalonia.

Client: Blanc, graphic design festival
Year: 2015
Awards: LAUS Silver 2015 for the credits animation

Desigining for a festival for graphic designers, where we look, observe, discover, enjoy design in an obsessive and passional way. We like to see good design, we get excited looking at design. This idea leads to the concept of VOYEUR.

The communication pieces of the festival contain a Good Voyeur kit and The Voyeur Rules.

Eco-friendly criteria has been applied to all the printed pieces, using various inks but only one offset plate per piece.

Using color recycled papers, we have incorporated die-cut elements where the leftover paper has been reused to create new pieces, like traumatopos.

Only the strictly necessary pieces were printed, the rest has been online communication.

We use Blanqueta, the official typeface of the festival, designed by Joan Carles Casasín, and was completed with the lowercase characters by him especially for the project. Illustrations by Olga Capdevila are added to the pieces, which provide a fresh and humoristic mood.

The opening titles show various kinds of voyeurs, which are all very welcome at BLANC festival. Animation by Olga Capdevila (illustration) and traditional emotion with photoshop by Genís Rigol. Noizes made the music, based on the mix of different vynil.

Designed with Albert Grèbol from
Idea, design and art direction: Can Cun, Illustration: Olga Capdevila, Tipography: Joan Carles Casasín, Copy: Esteve Plantada, Direction and opening titles realization: Olga Capdevila and Genís Rigol, Animation: Genís Rigol, Music and effects: Noizes, Printing press: Gràfiques orient, Paper: Antalis, Intern: Anna Salvador.
Photography: Martí Pujol, Marina Roca and Berta Tiana