L’ingredient is a small shop in Manresa selling 500 kinds of bulk food. Far from topics, we wanted the brand and the shop to be spaces where people could shop conveniently.

Client: L’ingredient
Year: 2014
Awards: Laus bronze 2014

The identity is created and applied with one single resource: typography. A stencil, rounded and monospaced typography, really distinctive, generates the visual identity and communication of the shop. The typography has been applied to wood, paper bags, sack bags, walls and color papers.


To reduce the necessary printings for the bags, boxes, sacks and other applications we designed a stamp that could be stamped on the units that we need, without a minimum number of prints.

For the product pack was designed a wrapper that could be printed on a domestic printer on colored papers, that way you just print the necessary units.

Created with: Albert Grèbol at fromcancun.com
Photography: Padilla&Rigau