Teatre Llevant

After changing the property of the old Theatre Ponent of Granollers, they looked for a re-design of her image and the different applications for her communication. To start the new change, we propose a change of name, more suitable to the new theatre direction, which is based on the emerging talent. For this, we work with the new name “Teatre Llevant”.

Client: Teatre Llevant
Year: 2017

The design is based on two concepts: “Llevant” and “ephemeral”, two important points on this theatre and in the theatre as an art.

 For the part of “Llevant”, we propose a Stencil typography, with reminiscence with graffiti and urban art. That way, we want to attract a younger spectator and it’s linked to look for emerging talent. Also, we can optimize costs, because we can do it all with a stencil and we don’t’ need an external print and we can do it in the theatre.

On the other part, “ephemeral” is a concept rooted in the theatre world. We work with two concepts: there’s no signs in the theatre exterior when it’s closed. The name of Theatre just appears when a focus project the logotype on the entrance. The other concept is that we are based on the Brodway’s theaters, which lights are closed when there’s no function. That idea of the LED is repeated in different places around the theatre, for example the signs on bathrooms, that are personalized depending on the play.

Also, the “ephemeral” concept takes us to select two different colors, each season, that apply to the communication. Jointly with white and black (comparative colors) the new two colors become the protagonist of the new season.

 We also invite the illustrator Olga Capdevila to make an intervention on our Hall, that will be replaced the next season with the artwork of another artist.

To reduce the environmental impact, in most cases the communication is based on digital formats. The remaining of the applications is based on a stencil, which is sprayable and that’s why there’s no printing needed. Also, we play with the light and shadow that generate the LED light, strategically positioned.

Photography: Mireia Quincoces and Lucas Hope.