D.E.Palou is an european project about renewable energy on the rural world. We were commissioned to create a campaign to inform about the different activities to the users and local residents.

The D.E.Palou naiming emerge from the idea of “denominación energética” (that works in catalan just as much in spanish), making a game with the determinant “de”.

Client: Granollers City Hall. European project.
Year: 2017

Based on the idea of an atemporal poster, we did just one poster as a base, illustrating the renewable energies: hydraulic, wind and solar energy. Every month we can add the information about the month journey, printed on electrostatic paper, substituting the last month information. In other words, we don’t use glue, the paper is easily removable and makes that we don’t have to change the poster base.

Change the information every month on the same base, make the user notice the alteration and keep the attention without the need of print seven posters. We talk about electricity and the paper used it’s appropriate to the communications goals.

Also, we made a large format indicator, which informs making a comparison with the last month about the water, electricity and gas energy (each one with her color and pictogram).

Another project part consisted on design the “Good practise advices”, an indicator where the user could find good tips to help them to reduce the energy consumption.

To reduce the ink use, this piece was printed just in one ink on color paper.

Along with the good practice advices, we designed a little indicator with illustrations. It was made with the intention to be placed in specific places to be able to interact with the user.
Produced together with L’Origen
Photography: Mireia Quincoces