Saving Energy Marathon

Double order that includes the visual identity of RE-M (Reduce Energy – Improve) and the II Energy Saving Marathon campaign against energy poverty.

Client: L’Origen
Year: 2017

RE-M’s identity is created from a round stencil typeface in capitals, and uses the arrow icon to generate a flexible identity: the arrow represents progress, evolution, direction and attitude. A secondary sans-serif typeface is selected.

The goal of the marathon is that, during the month of February, municipal facilities from various towns in Catalonia save up as much as possible in terms of electricity, gas and water. The amount of saved energy is destined to homes in a situation of energy poverty.

For the second edition of the energy Saving Marathon Against Energy poverty the campaign’s focus was energy saving, wich meant that we needed to work towards every staff member and user of their respective participating centres gaining awareness of their impact on the project through small gestures.

The best way to crearly visualise the energy saved is through large format indicators which simplify the data at hand and provide an easy way to compare weekly results with the data collected from the previous year’s edition.                                                                                           

Each category is identified with a color: yellow for electricity, orange for gas and blue for water. Each category has its own distinctive icon, and icons become the main illustration resource in all the applicacions. To apply sustainable rules, we use color paper to represent each color (yellow, orange and blue).

At the same time, we work with DINA different formats, so each center that participates can print her own stuff for a low cost, and without creating waste of paper. Printing is always done in black color, as the colors are achieved with colored papers.

Offline applicacions: main poster, small posters with tips and ‘did you know…’, indicator posters where the amount of used energy is noted each day and compared to last year’s, and stickers with small reminders.

Online applications: brand and printing manual, TV spot, certificates, and social network contents.

Photography: Marina Colell
Brand strategy: Jordi Serra