Rethinking Packaging BAU

Year: 2018

Ecodesign pretends to reduce the more environmental impact possible on her projects. Working with this criteria we take care of every process stage and development of each project. This course, pretends to introduce the student to the sustainable word applied to the packaging design, and make him realise that is possible to do things differently.

General objectives:

  • Know the keys of sustainability and ecodesign.

  • Establish the steps to raise a more sustainable packaging design.

  • Know different types of materials and analyze the impact that those generate and learn how to choose the most suitable for our packaging.


  • Introduction to sustainable design and packaging.

  • Understand the keys of ecodesign to reduce the ecological foodprint on what we produce.

  • Discover and know the different type of materials that exist. Analyze the commonly used to be able to value her impact, and this way, having tools to choose which is the more appropriated for our project.

  • Make a design project of a sustainable packaging, where we will value and apply the ecodesign criteria.