Domestika Online Course

III Edition Workshop “Sustainable Graphic Design” at BAU, Center Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona 2021

Sustainable design subject in the Master’s Degree in CHALLENGING BRANDING – LabasadBarcelona, ​​ of 2020

Sustainable design subject in the Master’s Degree Graphic Design – IED Barcelona, ​​ 2019

Graphic design subject in the Sustainable Design Master – IED Barcelona, ​​ 2019

Course introduction to sustainable design in the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design – EINA since 2019

Sustainability workshop in the On-line Master in Packaging Design and Visual Identity – ESDESIGN since 2019

Workshop “A second life. Beyond the limits. ”, Prospect Design, LCI Barcelona 2019

II Workshop Edition “Rethinking Packaging: towards a more sustainable design” at BAU, Center Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona 2018

Workshop Blanquets “Create the superhero teu” during the Blanc Festival 2018

“Sustainable Design Week” at Blue Shop Cottage, Camberwell, London. Two Conferences, three workshops and a round table talking about sustainability applied to graphic design 2018

Workshop “Rethinking Packaging” for Workshops x Blanc, a collaboration with Adidas Parley 2018

Blanquets children’s workshop ‘We are looking for a superhero’ at Blanc festival 2013




Art direction, branding, packaging, on-line and off-line communication, editorial, signage

Experimentation and research







ACCAC, ADC * E, Ametller Origen, Aniceramics, Barcelona City Council, Granollers City Council, Figaró-Montmanys City Council, Ripoll City Council, Augments DAP Technical Architecture, BAU, Bri de palla, BLANC Graphic Design Festival of Catalonia, BSV, Consorci de Gallecs, Barcelona Provincial Council, Ediciones Terrícola, Farmacia Arimany, Fitocosmètica del montseny, Franka Ramia, Geminis, Generalitat de Catalunya, GreenMama, IBEI, Joan Puigcorbé, Kokorome, Llevant Teatre, L’origen, Museu Vida Rural, Neureka, NOD , Parc natural de Cap de Creus, Patricia Carrasco, Quepo, Rave negre, RCR Arquitectes, Roca Umbert, Slowmov, TASCA, The English Lodge, Votv, We Are Plus


Hi! I’m , graphic designer and art director specialized in corporate identity, editorial, packaging & visual communication.

I design with a commitment to the environment, and my intention is to apply common sense in each project, working in a more sustainable and ethical way. I bet on manual work, experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration. I believe in networking, researching and discovering new languages that can be applied to the needs of each project.

My work is based on the concept and on the complicity with the client, to jointly develop ideas that come from the minimum and communicate the maximum.


Botín Santander’s Event, 2021

Masterclass with Josep Amat “Com fer un disseny més sostenible i no morir en l’intent” Latent Festival, 2021

Conference at Escuela superior de diseño de La Rioja, 2021

Conference at EADT Tarragona, 2021

Conference “Repensant. Un disseny més sostenible” Escola Municipal d’Art Artesanal, 2021

Conference “Ecodisseny. Noves mirades del disseny gràfic cap a un futur més sostenible” at Escola d’Art Pau Gargallo, 2021

Ecologisme Il·lustrat “Canvi climàtic-tac” with Rebeca Porras -Greenpeace- and Raquel Apariccio, 2020

Conference “El disseny vist des de tres prespectives” Paradís Valencia, design and creativity festival WDC2022, 2020

Conference “Small Gestures are Powerful” a l’ADCE Festival– Singular projects ‘People for Tomorrow’ 2019

Ladies conference, Wine & Design 2019

Conference at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Vic “Un diseño más sostenible” 2019

Conference at Anònims Granollers “Un diseño más sostenible” 2018 Conferencia EINA “Un diseño más sostenible”, 2018

Conference at Blanc Fetsival, 2018

“Sustainable Design Week” en Blue Shop Cottage, Camberwell, Londres. Two conferences, three workshops and a roundtable meeting about sustainability applied to graphic design, 2018

Talk in Escuela Municipal de Arte y Diseño EMAD de la Garriga 2017

Talk and workshop 360conexion.com, “hablemossobre producto” focused on the concept of sustainability. Bilbao, 2017

Talk and workshop “un diseño más sostenible” Bilbao, 2017

Talk and workshop at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Olot

Conference at Escuela de Arte y Diseño de EADT, 2015

Conference at Campus Blanc Vilanova, explaining how the festival graphic was created

Conference at Blanc Barcelona to present Blanc festival graphics, 2015

Short conference at Blanc Festival, Catalonia’s graphic design festival, as guest in Amigos del Blanc, 2012


Interview FAD “Disseny ecoresponsable”, 2022

Copymouse Podcast,  2021

Entrevista “Por amor al planeta” Arquitectura y diseño junto con Inma Bermúdez, Mireia Vilalta, Núria Moliner, Sonia Monclús i Alba Obiols. Por José F. López Aquilar. Revista Arquitectura y diseño, 2021

Interview  Podcast “En circular”, 2021

Interview Revista Graffica, 2021

Interview “Por amor al planeta” Arquitectura y diseño 2020

Artículo “la nueva cosecha del diseño eco” de David Quesada. Revista Arquitectura y diseño, 2020

Interview Little Black Book, November 4th, 2019

Interview Mybarrio, September 25th, 2019

Interview el9nou, April 2019

Interview El Periódico, April 15, 2019

Interview “preferències” rne4, March 18th, 2019

Interview SomGranollers, March 2nd, 2019

Interview Graffica magazine, vol. 12

Interview  “preferències” rne4, September 5th, 2017

Interview Yorokobu magazine – innovation, inspiration, and trends 2012


Leftovers RIP, 2021

Leftovers, 2020

Exposition “Second life” SPOONS FICTION  Foodture Barcelona. 2020

Jugar amb foc. 2020

Exposition contribution to the initiative Two degrees creative, my version of the recycle symbol, even though my focus is on reduction before recycling! 2019

ADC*E Festival  Curator of the exhibition “Celebrating the people who are already building a better tomorrow” and an installation / performance in which the illustrators Olga Capdevila, Javier Royo, Pol Montserrat and Clara Tanit participated. 2019

Curator of the exhibition “Plàstics”, Museu Vida Rural. 2019

Exposition Premios de Diseño Gráfico Laus, 42a Edición, ADG-FAD 2012


Jury of final projects of master’s degree in graphic design d’Eina, 2021

Jury of  Laus Aporta ADG-FAD, 2020

Jury of final projects of master’s degree in graphic design d’Eina, 2019

Final Projects Jury of the Tarragona School of Art and Design EADT, 2016

Jury of student projects at the Blanc 2015 graphic design festival, 2015


ADC*E awards nomination 2020

The BEYOND PLASTIC  nomination. The award recognizes and celebrates innovation and creativity in design, and eco-responsible packaging and product initiatives with the goal of reducing single-use plastic worldwide. 2020

2 Laus plata, 4 Laus bronze, 2 Premios Anuaria, 4 selecciones a los Premis Anuaria, 1 selección al Diseño para el Reciclaje


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– Pack Age Vol.5 Ed. Choi’s Gallery

– Novum. World of Graphic Design 10/12. Revista

– We invite you. Ed. MONSA

– Eco Packaging Design Ed. MONSA

– Select A, Europe. Ed, Index Books

– Select I, Spain. Ed, Index Books


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